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Rennerfolge 2005

Racing Achievements in 2005

V-Racing drivers were very active and successful in the 2005 season. In the motor sports National and Cup Championships listed by the AŠ 2005 motor sports association, 19 V-Racing drivers took part in four different categories of competitions: Parallel Rally Cross, Hill Climb, Rally and Seicento Siemens Junior Cup.

The results achieved were as follows:

Parallel Rally Cross
Valter Kobal, Subaru Impreza STI - National Champion, Cup Champion – Division 3
Sandi Boh, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 - Vice-National Champion

Hill Climb
Franjo Merkač, Zastava Yugo 1.3 - Vice-National Champion – Division I, Yugo Cup Champion
AK V-Racing - National Champion – Clubs
AK V-Racing - National Champion – Teams

Valter Kobal/Jernej Korpar, Subaru Impreza STI - 10th place NC – General Classification, 6th place – Cup Division 4
Borut Smrdelj / Aleš Dolšek, Clio RS - 7th place NC – Division 2
Aleš Stablovnik / Jože Stablovnik, Yugo 1.3 - 21st place NC – Division 1
Munda Damjan / Matjaž Lesjak, Yugo 1.3 - 29th place NC – Division 1
AK V-Racing 5th place NC – Clubs
AK V-Racing 4th place NC – Teams

Seicento Siemens Junior Cup
Matej Grudnik - SSJP Cup Champion

Organisation of Events
In 2005 V-Racing in conjunction with UNIOR Turizem and with the support of the Zreče Community and numerous other partners, organised the GHD UNIOR ROGLA 2005 hill climb, which counted towards the FIA Hill Climb Challenge as well as the Slovenian National Championship. The event was a huge success and has paved the way for an even bigger international race in 2006, which in addition to the abovementioned competitions will also include the Austrian National Championship.

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