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  Hillclimb Rogla 2004  
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  Hillclimb Rogla 2004  
Dear Motor Sports Fans

A new series of motor sports events in the National Championship of Slovenia is about to get underway, and just to make things more interesting this year we are going to have an open national championship. The championship is held under the umbrella of the AŠ 2005 motor sports association of Slovenia.

Our motor club, V-Racing of Velenje, will organise a hillclimb special car race >GHD UNIOR ROGLA 2004< together with the UNIOR Turizem tourist association and the Zreee Community; UNIOR, d.d. will also be the general sponsor of this event. The race will take place on Friday, 21 May, and Saturday, 22 May; this will be the third race for the 2004 National Championship of Slovenia.

Rogla has been selected as the venue once again due to the excellent organization of the race held there last year and very positive reviews of everybody who took part or was otherwise involved in the race as well as the spectators. Such praises are the result of numerous advantages offered by this facility, which is generally known as one of the best tourist-recreational centres in Slovenia. The venue is also ideal for a motor sports race since it features all the necessary infrastructure (race management facilities, accommodation, parking…), stunning scenery and, most importantly, a beautiful, safe mountain road used as the racecourse.

The race will be held on a 4.5 km long road section just below the Rogla summit, and will be 1.3 km longer than last year. The finish line will be at the very summit at the Planja hotel, same as last year. That is also the site of the main central area with the pits for the racing cars and attending teams, race management, Press Centre, VIP Centre, hospitality and catering facilities as well as numerous points offering excellent views of parts of the racecourse.

The official part of the race will start on Friday, 21 May at 3 pm with administrative checks and scrutineering in front of the Planja hotel at Rogla, while the race itself will take place on Saturday, 22 May, throughout the entire day. In the morning from 8 am to 12 noon three official training sessions will be held, which will be followed by the opening ceremony at the main central area at 1:20 pm. The three legs of the race will take place in the afternoon, from 1:45 pm to 6 pm. Winner ceremony will be held at the closing ceremony and after-race party at the Planja hotel from 6 pm onwards.

We expect 80 to 90 Slovenian and foreign drivers to take part in the race including all the top Slovenian teams, which is the key factor in making the race attractive to competitors and spectators alike.

Sporting salute and cordially welcome!


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