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  GHD Unior Rogla 2006
Max speed

Unior Rogla 2006 - max speed - 100meters before chicanery
Unior Rogla 2006 - speed - 70meters before chicanery


  GHD Unior Rogla 2006
Notification for race drivers

Administrative checks and scrutineering

Attachment - Link:
Scrutineering - Rogla 2006.doc

  GHD Unior Rogla 2006
Entry list

You can exmine the entry list on the link below.
Entry list- Unior Rogla 2006.xls

  GHD Unior Rogla 2006
Hill Climb Rogla 2006 - Guide

  GHD Unior Rogla 2006

Dear Motor Sports Fans

Once again, in June this year Rogla will play host to a major international hill climb, which in 2006 will be held at this popular venue for the fourth year running. The race will take place on Saturday, 24 June and Sunday, 25 June, and will count towards the following competitions: Slovenian National Championship, International FIA Hill Climb Challenge and Austrian National Championship. The event will be organised by Avto klub V-Racing of Velenje in association with Unior Turizem and the Zreče Community.

Given the importance of the race in a broader international, Slovenian and Austrian context, and based on the experience of the previous years, we can expect the participation of over 130 drivers from ten different countries. It goes without saying that the list will also include the best of the best who will fight it out for the overall victory and the titles in individual championships. In addition to prominent names, however, there will also be a high quality, diverse range of racing cars including Formula and prototypes.

Over the years, Rogla as a venue has been receiving rave reviews from everybody taking part in the race or coming to watch it. Such praise is also the result of excellent organisation and numerous advantages offered by the facility as one of the top tourist-recreational centres in Slovenia. The venue is also ideal for a quality motor sports event, as it features all the necessary infrastructure (race control facilities, accommodation, parking…), stunning scenery and, most importantly, a beautiful mountain road (featuring additional safety features) used as the racecourse.

The race will be held on the already familiar, 3.5 km long stretch of road just below the Rogla summit. Start will be at the Nune village with Finish located at the very summit of Rogla next to the Planja hotel. That is also the location of the central area featuring racing cars and teams’ pit boxes, Race Management, Press Centre, catering and accommodation facilities, and numerous great spots for viewing the race.

The event will start on Friday with the arrival of all involved, followed by administrative checks and scrutineering. Later in the evening, there will be a welcome reception for all participants in the lobby of the Planja hotel. On Saturday, three practice heats will take place over the day, and the results posted will determine the start list for the race on Sunday. On Saturday evening there will be a party for all competitors, participants, the media, sponsors and other visitors. Sunday will see three race heats held successively throughout the day to determine the final placements. The event will conclude in the evening with the official winner ceremony.

For current updates and other details please visit our website at www.vracing.info.

Looking forward to seeing you at the race,

Organising Committee