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  Hill-climb Unior Rogla 2005  
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International Hill-Climb Race
Hill-climb Unior Rogla 2005
Rogla, 18 (Saturday) and 19 (Sunday) June 2005

Dear Motor Sports Fans

The third race of the 2005 Hill Climb National Championship is about to be held at Rogla on 18 and 19 June. This year, the already traditional hill climb GHD Unior Rogla 2005 will be a FIA international race where drivers will compete for points in the Slovenian National Championship, the international FIA HILL CLIMB CHALLENGE and ADRIA INT CUP.

There are over one hundred drivers from six countries on the entry list including all the best national drivers as for some the Rogla points may well prove decisive. The 2005 race will also feature, for the first time, formula and prototype vehicles numbering 11 in total; of these, the fastest formula in the world, INDY CAR with 1000 HP and maximum speed 421 km/h, is bound to spark a great deal of interest.

The race will be held on a 3.5 km long stretch of road just below the Rogla summit. Start will be at the Nune village with Finish located at the very summit of Rogla next to the Planja hotel. That is also the location of the central area featuring racing cars and teams’ pit boxes, Race Management, Press Centre, catering and accommodation facilities and numerous great spots for viewing the race.

The race will officially open on Friday night, 17 June with the reception of competitors, drivers, officials and guests at the Planja Hotel, Rogla, while the competitive part will start on Saturday with administrative checks and scrutineering in front of the Planja hotel. The first two official practice heats will take place on Saturday afternoon from 14:00 to 18:00 hours with the third heat to be held on Sunday morning at 09:00 hours. The race will start with heat #1 at 12:00 hours and official opening ceremony at 13:40 hours. Heats #2 and #3 will be held successively, after 14:15 hours. Winner and Prize Giving Ceremony will be held at the closing ceremony at the Planja hotel from 18:00 hours onwards.

For current updates and other details please visit our website at www.vracing.info.

Sporting salute and cordially welcome!

Organising Committee

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