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Club Profile

Dear Motor Sports Fans

V-Racing of Velenje is a motor sports club with more than 150 members. The club organises motor sports events as well as various motor sports competitions. We operate under the umbrella of the Slovenian motor sports association AŠ 2005 and take an active role in the development of motor sports in Slovenia at the highest competitive level.

There are 19 active V-Racing drivers competing and achieving top results in different categories of the National Championships of Slovenia (Rally, Parallel Rally Cross, Hill Climbs, and the Seicento Junior Cup). Even before the start of the 2005 season, our expectations were high, and rightly so, as the group included top quality teams. Valter Kobal with his striking Subaru Impreza STI became National Champion in Parallel Rally Cross, while Sandi Boh (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO8) became Vice Champion. Franjo Merkač (Yugo) came second in the Hill-Climb National Championship in Division 1 (vehicles up to 1400 ccm), and also became National Champion in the 2005 Yugo Cup. Matej Grudnik won the national championship in the Seicento Cup. As a club, we claimed the Hill Climb National Championship and also took fourth place in Rally. However, that success was also the result of good performances by other V-Racing drivers competing in Rally: Borut Smrdelj/Aleš Dolšek (Clio RS), Valter Kobal/Jernej Korpar (Subaru Impreza STI), Heindl/Sevčnikar (Lada Samara), the Stablovnik brothers (Yugo) and Munda/Lesjak (Yugo).

When it comes to race organization, we have 31 sports officials who took part in almost every event on the 2005 National Championship calendar (Rally Koper, Rally Maribor, Rally Postojna…). The highlight of the year, however, was the organisation of the FIA International Hill Climb Challenge »GHD Unior Rogla 2005«, which took place at Rogla on 18 and 19 June 2005. Almost all V-Racing members were involved in the organisation of the competition that proved a huge success. More than 70 drivers from 6 countries took part in the event that received rave reviews from the drivers, their entourage, the spectators, the media and the AŠ 2005 as well as FIA representatives. This paved the way for an even bigger international race in 2006 set to combine the Slovenian National Championship, the FIA International Hill Climb Challenge and the Austrian National Championship, which means we can expect about 150 drivers and teams.

Our efforts have also been directed towards the collaboration with the AŠ 2005 association, preventative activities in relation to traffic- and road regulations education, finding common interest grounds with our business partners, working together with local educational institutions and schools, in particular the ŠCV Velenje school centre, and the collaboration with related associations.

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