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  GHD Unior Rogla 2005
Hill Climb a Huge Success for V-Racing

The major international hill climb, which for the first time ever took place under FIA’s umbrella and, apart from the Slovenian national championship, also counted towards the FIA International Hill Climb Challenge, was organised and held at an exceptionally high level, creating a sound basis for future races at Rogla. An impressive number of competitors from six countries including formulae and prototypes, large crowds, interesting battles in all categories combined with excellent racing conditions, service and accommodation – all these were the factors which made this race a resounding success.

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  GHD Unior Rogla 2005
Current Update

The event is in full swing, the weather is wonderful and everything is proceeding smoothly.

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  GHD Unior Rogla 2005
Important Notice to Drivers – Bulletins No. 1 and 2 Issued

In the GHD UNIOR ROGLA 2005 Bilten folder you will find Bulletins No. 1 and 2, which complement the race Supplementary Regulations.
• Bulletin No. 1 lists the changes in relation to the Stewards panel and AŠ 2005 Observer.
• Bulletin No. 2 features the timetable of Administrative Checks and Scrutineering.


  GHD Unior Rogla 2005
SELECT to Perform at Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony will be spiced up by a group of multitalented girls going by the name of SELECT. Kaly, Tanja and Monika are presently developing a new song-and-dance show, partly in English, a part of which they will also perform live at Rogla.

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  GHD Unior Rogla 2005
Final Entry List Known

No fewer than 93 drivers from six countries have entered the race. The entries include 11 formula and prototype vehicles, which will compete at Rogla for the first time and are bound to add extra spice to the event. Take a look at the Entry List and pick your champions!

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  GHD Unior Rogla 2005
Zajelšnik Returns to Slovenia

Jože Zajelšnik, a Slovenian expatriate who’s been living in Germany for many years, is well known for his racing exploits. We already saw him compete at certain hill climbs in Slovenia in 1990s, and this year he and his team Jaz Racing will be showing us their skills at the wheel at Rogla.
Jože is driving a Lucchini 2500 while his son Patrik has an even more powerful prototype, Osella 3000. Osella 3000 is a prototype of the highest CN class. A female driver, Britta Fervel, will drive the third prototype in the Zajelšnik team, Osello 2500.

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  GHD Unior Rogla 2005
Gerstl Prefers Fast Tracks

And if the Sevnica race is anything to go by, that’s exactly what he’ll be trying to make the most of at Rogla. Since Gerstl’s 1000 HP machine is suited to fast courses and not exactly easily manoeuvrable, the fast track at Rogla is definitely to his taste. Here, Gerstl will be able to get the maximum out of his racecar and possibly even threaten the top spots in general classification. However, given a comparatively large number of formula and prototype vehicles at the start of the 3rd Rogla hill climb GHD Unior Rogla 2005, he’ll certainly have his work cut out for him.

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  GHD Unior Rogla 2005
FIA Hill Climb Challenge GHD Unior Rogla 2005

The third race of the 2005 Hill Climb National Championship is about to be held at Rogla on 18 and 19 June. This year, the already traditional hill climb GHD Unior Rogla 2005 will be a FIA international race where drivers will compete for points in the Slovenian National Championship, the international FIA HILL CLIMB CHALLENGE and ADRIA INT CUP.

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  Pirelli Lavanttal Rally 2005 Concluded

Excellent organisation, beautiful weather, very demanding special stages and huge crowds were the hallmarks of the first race for the Slovenian 2005 National Rally Championship, which took place in Wolfsberg, Austria, on Saturday, 2 April. Apart from being an international rally, the race also counted for the Austrian national championship. There were 129 crews competing, including 36 from Slovenia.

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  End-of-Year Trophy Presentation Ceremony

The official End-of-Year Trophy Presentation Ceremony held by excellent Slovenian association Zveza AŠ 2005 was also attended by V-Racing members concluding a very successful 2004 racing season. Trophies were presented to Borut Smrdelj and Aleš Cjuha for their terrific second place in the National Rally Championship Division II, to Merkač Franjo for his second place in the Yugo Hill Climb Cup, and to Matej Grudnik as the Rookie of the Year in Seicento. A special award however was also presented to the Club for our successful organisation of the GHD Unior Rogla 2004 Hill Climb. Mr Marcel Brouiller, Chairman of the Board at Revoz, and numerous other V-Racing sponsor representatives were also present at the function.


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