Overview of 2004 Racing Results

In our first year of operation V-Racing Velenje posted a number of outstanding racing results in 2004.


  Success at Rally Koper

At the recent Rally Koper our team Smrdelj/Cjuha with Renault Clio Ragnotti took first place in Division II and 7th place overall. For the most part of the race they held fifth position, however a deflated tyre cost them 30 seconds. Despite this mishap they managed to scrape a win in Division II.
As a matter of interest, they finished highest of all teams in Group N with a two-wheel drive car.

  V-RACING Renault Clio Rally Team

Dear Motor Sports Fans!

The V-Racing Velenje motor sports club in cooperation with REVOZ of Novo mesto and numerous other partners will take part in the National Rally Championship of Slovenia with a Renault Clio series N 2000. With Borut Smrdelj at the wheel and co-driver Aleš Cjuha at his side we have a very experienced team which has already achieved several top level results in past national championships and individual races in their class. We expect them to keep up this level of performance also in the 2004 season.

The Renault Clio N 2000 will generally be a product of Slovenian know-how as the vehicle itself is manufactured in Novo mesto while our Slovenian partners and certain specialists from Slovenia and abroad will turn it into a top level Rally car.

Five rallys will be organised as part of this year's National Rally Championship of Slovenia to be held under the umbrella of the AŠ 2005 Slovenian motor sports association. The first one will take place on 29 May in Koper, the second one on 11 July in Maribor, while the remaining three will be held in the fall (Velenje, Saturnus and Gorica).

Borut Smrdelj and his car will also take part in certain hillclimbs. He will certainly be at the GHD Rogla hillclimb special on 22 May and the GHD Gorjanci hillclimb special on 27 June 2004.

We would love to have you join us on the sidelines cheering for our team and having a great time.

Sporting salute !

  Short presentation

Dear Car Racing Fans

On Wednesday, 21 January 2004, a new club, V-Racing, was formed at Hotel Paka, Velenje, by enthusiasts, drivers and officials, in the presence of numerous guests. The club will organise car racing and karting events, and our drivers will also take part in the 2004 national championship in various categories.

We elected the management and adopted the plan of operations for 2004.

The main objective for 2004 is the organisation of the GHD Rogla 2004 hillclimb race which will take place on 22 May and will be an international as well as a national championship race.

We will also be aiming for results in car- and Karting competitions, and our efforts will also be directed towards: education of sports officials and their participation in other car racing events; collaboration with the Zveza AS 2005 association; preventative activities in terms of traffic- and road regulations education; finding common areas of interest with our business partners; working together with local educational institutions and schools; collaboration with related associations; social gatherings involving members and sponsors, and numerous other activities in accordance with our goals.

For further information please visit our website at http://www.vracing.info
You can contact us at vracing@email.si.

Sporting salute !

Rihard Grudnik


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